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Transactions on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems 2023

TCHES 2023 Artifacts

Scope and Aims

The two main goals of the TCHES 2023 artifact review process were to improve functionality and reusability of artifacts to enable reproducibility and extension by the scientific community.

Reproducibility, in the context of computational experiments, means that the scientific results claimed can be obtained by a different team using the original authors’ artifacts. The artifact review process for TCHES 2023 did not include attempting to reproduce the experiment and verify the scientific claims in the accepted paper. Rather, the artifact review process for TCHES 2023 aimed at ensuring sufficient functionality of the artifact to enable a research team to attempt to reproduce the results. The artifact review process for TCHES 2023 also aimed to improve reusability, meaning that the artifacts are not just functional, but of sufficient quality that they could be extended and reused by others.

For more information, please see the TCHES 2023 Call for Artifacts.

Volume 2023, Issue 1

A Faster Third-Order Masking of Lookup Tables
Anju Alexander, Annapurna Valiveti, and Srinivas Vivek.

MCRank: Monte Carlo Key Rank Estimation for Side-Channel Security Evaluations
Giovanni Camurati, Matteo Dell'Amico, and François-Xavier Standaert.

SoK: SCA-secure ECC in software – mission impossible?
Łukasz Chmielewski, Björn Haase, Lejla Batina, Niels Samwel, and Peter Schwabe.

Volume 2023, Issue 2

On Protecting SPHINCS+ Against Fault Attacks
Aymeric Genêt.

RDS: FPGA Routing Delay Sensors for Effective Remote Power Analysis Attacks
David Spielmann, Ognjen Glamocanin, and Mirjana Stojilovic.

Speeding Up Multi-Scalar Multiplication over Fixed Points Towards Efficient zkSNARKs
Guiwen Luo, Shihui Fu, Guang Gong.

A Closer Look at the Chaotic Ring Oscillators based TRNG Design
Shuqin Su, Bohan Yang, Vladimir Rožić, Mingyuan Yang, Min Zhu, Shaojun Wei, and Leibo Liu.

"Whispering MLaaS" – Exploiting Timing Channels to Compromise User Privacy in Deep Neural Networks
Shubhi Shukla, Manaar Alam, Sarani Bhattacharya, Pabitra Mitra, and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay.

Volume 2023, Issue 3

Kavach: Lightweight masking techniques for polynomial arithmetic in lattice-based cryptography
Aikata Aikata, Andrea Basso, Gaetan Cassiers, Ahmet Can Mert, and Sujoy Sinha Roy.

Oil and Vinegar: Modern Parameters and Implementations
Ward Beullens, Ming-Shing Chen, Shih-Hao Hung, Matthias J. Kannwischer, Bo-Yuan Peng, Cheng-Jhih Shih, and Bo-Yin Yang.

Formally verifying Kyber – Episode IV: Implementation correctness
José Bacelar Almeida, Manuel Barbosa, Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Grégoire, Vincent Laporte, Jean-Christophe Léchenet, Tiago Oliveira, Hugo Pacheco, Miguel Quaresma, Peter Schwabe, Antoine Séré, and Pierre-Yves Strub.

Pasta: A Case for Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption
Christoph Dobraunig, Lorenzo Grassi, Lukas Helminger, Christian Rechberger, Markus Schofnegger, and Roman Walch.

Carry-based Differential Power Analysis (CDPA) and its Application to Attacking HMAC-SHA-2
Yaacov Belenky, Ira Dushar, Valery Teper, Vadim Bugaenko, Oleg Karavaev, Leonid Azriel, and Yury Kreimer.

Separating Oil and Vinegar with a Single Trace – Side-Channel Assisted Kipnis-Shamir Attack on UOV
Thomas Aulbach, Fabio Campos, Juliane Krämer, Simona Samardjiska, and Marc Stöttinger.

Faster Montgomery multiplication and Multi-Scalar-Multiplication for SNARKs
Gautam Botrel and Youssef El Housni.

PROLEAD_SW – Probing-Based Software Leakage Detection for ARM Binaries
Jannik Zeitschner, Nicolai Müller, and Amir Moradi.

Efficient Regression-Based Linear Discriminant Analysis for Side-Channel Security Evaluations – Towards Analytical Attacks against 32-bit Implementations
Gaëtan Cassiers, Henri Devillez, François-Xavier Standaert, and Balazs Udvarhelyi.

Volume 2023, Issue 4

Enhancing Quality and Security of the PLL-TRNG
Maciej Skórski, Quentin Dallison, Nathalie Bochard, Florent Bernard, Viktor Fischer.

Exploiting Intermediate Value Leakage in Dilithium: A Template-Based Approach
Andersson Calle Viera, Maya Chartouny, Damien Vergnaud, David Vigilant, Alexandre Berzati, Steven Madec.

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